Technical Manuals

Any journey into the internal arts must begin with correct technical detail. Structure, technical guidance and authentic transmission are the key to establishing a solid foundation.

White Moon on the Mountain Peak (2015) – Damo Mitchell

Nei Dan BookDamo’s in depth book on the subject of Daoist Nei Dan (internal alchemy). This book contains an introduction to the theory of Daoist alchemical meditation, an overview of the process itself and then detailed instruction on the early to intermediate stages of training. Various classical texts are translated and interpreted and Damo includes experiential insight into the phenomena which serve as clear signs of progress within the system. As an addition to this the book also covers the use of the yarrow stalks for divination with the Yi Jing (I Ching).

Daoist Nei Gong (2011) – Damo Mitchell

Nei Gong BookThis was the first book written by Damo Mitchell. It provides an overview of the energetic processes inherent within the Daoist system’s. The start of the book looks at the foundations of working with the body whilst there is further exploration of the energetics of Nei Gong practice as well as the nature of human spirit. Emphasised within this book is the correct structuring of the body in order to bring the various elements into place which are required to awaken the lower Dan Tien. Also included is guidance on the Ji Ben Qi Gong exercise sequence as well as Sung breathing.

Daoist Nei Gong for Women (2016) – Roni Edlund & Damo Mitchell

Daoist Nei Gong for WomenThis book was written by Roni Edlund and her partner Damo Mitchell as a joint follow-up to the Daoist Nei Gong book. The overview and practice of energy work is explored purely from the point of view of a female practitioner. The unique properties of a woman’s energy body is explored along with exercises specific to the Uterus and female Heart-centre. Women differ from men with regards to their energetic systems with regards to directions of orbiting flows and emphasis upon spiritual focus. Too often Nei Gong and Nei Dan books are written purely from the male perspective and so this book was written in an effort to redress the balance.

Heavenly Streams (2013) – Damo Mitchell

Heavenly StreamsThe follow-up title to Daoist Nei Gong was Heavenly Streams. This book was written in response to two key questions which are often asked of Damo on his courses. Firstly ‘are the meridians real?’ and secondly ‘if so, is it possible to feel them?’. Within Heavenly Streams a system of practice is presented which quickly enables intermediate level Qi Gong practitioners to experience their own meridian system. Further exploration of the links between Daoist and Chinese medical theory are then included in order to enable readers to adjust their own energetic body.

The Four Dragons (2014) – Damo Mitchell

The Four DragonsDao Yin exercises and Qi Gong exercises are two very different entities. The qualitative differences between the two mean that they bring about very different results for the practitioner. Dao Yin exercises are primarily designed to purge the body of pathogenic energies. This book explores the nature of Dao Yin training as well as the key locations within the body where pathogens can become stuck. The second half of the book is dedicated to the four Dragon Dao Yin sequences which are four short forms designed to work with the energies of the spine. With daily practice they can become a powerful form of preventive healthcare.