Hidden Talisman Classic


黃帝陰符經– Huang Di Yin Fu Jing – Yellow Emperors Hidden Talisman Classic

Section 1


1 Follow the patterns of Heaven to find the Dao of Heaven; this is the way to completion


2 Heaven has five thieves; those who can observe the thieves will flourish. The heart/mind also has five thieves of its own; this is the manner in which Heaven gifts life


3 – With the macrocosm held in ones hand the ten thousand things are birthed in the body


4 – Humanity contains Heavens nature; we also have the potential for desires and machinations


5 – Maintaining the Dao of Heaven will set the people to order


6 – When humanity commits murder the natural way is reversed, it is as if Earth pulled the stars out of the sky or Heaven caused the Dragons to walk the planet


7 – When Heaven and Earth are united then the ten thousand things will settle


8 – The qualities of humanity can be ingenious or clumsy; they are generally obscured


9 – There are problems arising from the nine orifices, three in particular are difficult to regulate. The issues arise from an improper understanding of stillness and activity


10 – Like wood feeding a fire or debauchery within a country, collapse will occur when balance is not sought. The sage cultivates this balance


Section 2


 1 – Heaven gives life and Heaven kills, such is the principle of Dao


2 – Heaven and Earth steal from the ten thousand things, the ten thousand things steal from humanity. In return, humanity steals from the ten thousand things. This is the proper order of things


3 – It is said that when properly nourished, the 100 bones will be in harmony. Whatever the movement, the ten thousand things are also in harmony


4 – The nature of Shen cannot be known before it is realized. To be shown Shen does not mean to know Shen


5 – The sun and the moon have their way; the great and the small are naturally in order. In this way the sage will be gifted with the birth of Shen


6 – To steal is the natural machination. Though the world cannot see it nor know it the true people strengthen their resolve whilst the lesser people treat life with flippancy


Section 3


1 – Those without vision hear well, those without the ability to hear see well. To unite with the single source brings ten times the power in your practice. In only three days time you will find ten thousand times the benefit


2 – The Heart/mind is born into the material world and perishes in the material world. During this time it perceives through the senses


3 – Heaven does not have thoughts and yet great ideas are born from it. Thunder and sudden winds are not planned and yet they are not born from ignorance either


4 – To attain happiness is to create disturbance; to attain quiescence is to attain purity


5 – Though Heaven conducts itself privately it still brings benefit to all


6 – Birds govern themselves through Qi


7 – Birth is the basis of death and death is the foundation of life. There is kindliness in doing harm and there is harm in being kind


8 – The foolish people of Heaven and Earth seek to become sages, through the application of wisdom we can understand the timing of such things


9 – Through harmonizing the water and fire within us the self can be dissolved


10 – It is the way for the ten thousand things to be born from the Dao of nature. The quiescence of Heaven, Earth and Dao along with the changing cycles of Yin and Yang bring transformation and growth


11 – The sage understands that the Dao is unwavering and cannot be distorted. In this case he acts accordingly and aligns himself with the stillness. Comprehension of Dao cannot be reached through calendar or other mechanism. Dao is like a mysterious container that brings forth the Ba Gua and the Jia Zi, Shen and the hidden realm of Gui. In this manner Yin and Yang carry out their work and permeate through all of existence with clarity