Explaining The Microcosmic Orbit

2020 | 14 Lessons | 7 Hours

In this detailed program, Damo takes students through the theory and practice of the Microcosmic Orbit (小周天)..

Please Read First...

Welcome to the complete course in Microcosmic Orbit Nei Gong that we are offering publicly through the academy. We hope that the videos and lessons below are helpful for people looking to understand this important part of traditional internal training.

You should be aware that the Microcosmic Orbit is not necessarily a course advisable for complete beginners and at least a little background in Qigong practice would serve as a sensible foundation before attempting this work.  

Also, this training is not advisable for anybody under the age of 18, when pregnant or if living with a psychiatric condition of any sort.  

How to approach the training: 

Initially, I would suggest watching all of the video lectures and giving the practices a try in sequence. This is just to get an overview of the training and how it works. Building a ‘bigger picture’ of the practice within your mind is always helpful in my opinion.  

After you have been through the program once, then start to work systematically through each of the practical lessons. Start with practical lesson one and keep working at it daily until you have successfully anchored the breath down to the base of the body. Once this milestone has been achieved then you are more likely to manage the next lesson. 

Continue in this way, identifying the key qualities you seek from within each exercise and then regularly practice until you are ready to move on to the next. Foundations are the key. To be perfectly honest, if you  wish to awaken the Microcosmic Orbit and you are not used to this kind of work, then I would think it will take around 1 year to 18 months of daily training.  

Work systematically and steadily, don’t force any thing and remember that subtlety is generally the way with arts like this.

Good luck and enjoy the process; I hope you experience the many benefits of Microcosmic Orbit for yourself 🙂  


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