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Please do not combine recreational drugs and Nei Gong practice; it is a very silly thing to do…
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Welcome to the Internal Arts Academy – here we will post announcements such as new video uploads, course updates, event listings, or any other bits of information regarding the Academy…

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28 September 2020
Opneing the Channels event added to the ‘restricted access’ section. New Zoom class on stretching added to the library along with snippet of this talk to the NG section. New ‘past event’ from Vilamoura added to the library for annual subscribers.

07 August 2020
Qi Deviation exercises added to the Nei Gong theory section of the library.

04 August 2020
General tidy-up of library. Level 2 videos expanded Qi Gong Deviation Course added to monthly access

26 May 2020
NEW LECTURE SERIES: Time Based Practice – Academy Exclusives

16 May 2020
NEW VIDEO: Talismanic Fu – Nei Gong Theory

13 May 2020
NEW VIDEO: Moving Up & Down in the Kua – Nei Gong Theory

8 May 2020
NEW VIDEO: Peng, Lu, Ji, An – Martial Arts Theory

4 May 2020
TAIJI QUAN course launched – Enroll here

3 May 2020
NEW VIDEO: Tui Shou Talk – Martial Arts Theory

20 April 2020
NEW VIDEO: Wu Xing, Wu Shen Relationships – Chinese Medicine

NEW VIDEO: Wu Xing, Cosmological Cycle – Chinese Medicine

20 April 2020
NEW VIDEO: Rising Shen and Sinking Qi – Nei Gong Theory

NEW VIDEO: Dan Tian and the Yi Jing Jin – Nei Gong Theory

9 April 2020
NEW COURSE: Yi Jin Jing, 2016 & 2020 – Past Events

8 April 2020
NEW VIDEO: Understanding Ting – Meditation Theory

5 April 2020
NEW VIDEO: The Five Filters – Featured Video & Meditation Theory

2 April 2020
NEW VIDEO: Dao De Jing, Verse 1 – Meditation Theory

2 April 2020
Launch Day… Welcome to the Internal Arts Academy!

Damo's Events
Due to the ongoing Covid situation, Damo’s events have moved online via Zoom. Please click on the link below to discover Damo’s teaching times.

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The Library

As part of the Internal Arts Academy, we a library of lectures that are separate from our main courses.  The Library contains regularly updated videos of lectures and discussions given by Damo during his events, on his travels, and during his spare time.  Access to the The Library is automatic to all subscribers.

Recent Articles & Writings

Errors in the Yi Jin Jing

Errors in the Yi Jin Jing

Errors in the Yi Jin Jing ☰☱☲☳☴☵☶☷The Yi Jin Jing (Muscle-Tendon Changing Classic) is a series of teachings which are at the heart of almost all of the body-developmental methods within the Chinese arts. Both martial arts and Qi Gong are heavily influenced by the...

The Quan Zhen (全眞) Lineage

The Quan Zhen (全眞) Lineage

The Quan Zhen (全眞) Lineage ☰☱☲☳☴☵☶☷There are two key branches of the Daoist tradition that really embody the ideal and ethos of the tradition. The first is the Quan Zhen (全眞) lineage and the second is the Zheng Yi (正一) line. Quan Zhen or ‘Complete Truth/Reality’...

The Zheng Yi (正一) Lineage

The Zheng Yi (正一) Lineage

The Zheng Yi (正一) Lineage ☰☱☲☳☴☵☶☷Alongside Quan Zhen (全眞), Zheng Yi (正一) is undoubtably the second of the most prominent branches of Daoist practice. Zheng Yi or ‘Orthodox Unity’ sect Daoism can trace its origins further back than the Quan Zhen line as it originated...