Level 2 Membership


You are currently enrolled onto the Academy’s Level 2 Membership.

Level 2 membership is available to those who have completed the full Level 1 syllabus (online or with Lotus Nei Gong).  This is due to the complexity and necessary risk factors that come with some Level 2 work.

This membership gives you access to the  Level 2 Library, which will contain certain recordings that are taken during Damo’s Level 2 events, and also lectures and articles that are specific to the Level 2 syllabus of Lotus Nei Gong and the Internal Arts Academy.

Level 2 membership will also give you free access to certain online courses that will be released over time, in addition to the level 1 bonus material.  Below is a list of these courses – if they do not appear on your student dashboard, please let us know and we will look into it for you.


Qi Gong Deviation