My books in top 10

Nei Gong Cover

Singing Dragon just announced their top 10 most purchased books in Kindle format of 2013. As you can a see from the image it is my books which sit at number 1 and 2. That is pretty cool as I never really intended to become a writer! I am thoroughly enjoying putting my thoughts down on paper though and have been very pleased to see how well readers across the world are receiving my books. I have been getting a lot of positive feedback from internal arts practitioners who have found my books useful and Amazon has a great deal … Read More….

New Site…

Damo Profile

So here it is. My new site is now up and running! Though at the moment it is fairly empty I will gradually add to it. The idea of this site is to give information on all of my books and writing projects. My books are released through Singing Dragon who are linked to on the front page of this site. I will also keep people up to date with what I am working on via this section of the site. For more information on myself and what I teach as well as to find out more about how you … Read More….