Baguazhang Program


Join Damo Mitchell as he leads you systematically though the internal processes of Baguazhang, both the Xian Tian and Hou Tian methods. Study authentic and classical martial arts in this ongoing program.

Baguazhang Program


  • Weekly tuition and supportive materials
  • Ji Ben Gong (foundation) drills and internal development exercises
  • Cheng Nei Gong & Martial Sequences
  • Key classical principles that show the internal movement and power development of Baguazhang
  • Connection to Nei Gong and the teachings of the Yi Jing
  • Theoretical teachings on the inner-workings of Bagua and the principles of change
  • Bagua weaponry training



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Baguazhang Forms Practice
  • Xian Tian Bagua Walking
  • Cheng Hou Tian Palms
  • Small Frame Bagua Palm Form
  • Bagua Deerhorn Knives


Foundation Drills and Inner Development
  • Bodywork drills
  • Palm drills
  • Body changing Nei Gong
  • Inner methods of Baguazhang


Health and Alchemical Practice
  • Understanding Bagua Qi Gong
  • Training Bagua Nei Gong
  • Usage of the Yi Jing
  • Yang Sheng Fa of Bagua
Partner Work
  • Rou Shou touching hands drills
  • Partner exercises and drills
  • Grappling and wrestling principles of Bagua
  • Knife training
Theoretical study
  • Baguazhang theory
  • Gua and Hexagram theory
  • Alchemical theory
  • The Yi Jing and change

Circle Walking


The ancient Daoists understood that the universe operated in circle’s and spirals. As life grows and processes unfold, the rotating force of Qi serves as the animating force. Once life is manifest, Qi then divides up into eight great movements known as the ‘Gua’. The combination of Gua and spiralling Qi generate the great flux upon which life is dependant. To the Daoists, understanding this process was vital to understanding existence. They developed many practices which would enable them to penetrate through the veil of these mysteries and one of these was the practice of circle walking.

Circle walking is a meditative practice that connects a practitioner’s mental energy to the circles and Gua of life. That which is manifest above is manifest below as the practice of ‘walking the circle’ enables an experiential understanding of this process to be developed. By walking in a specific manner, whilst changing the internal shapes of the body according to the qualities of the eight Gua, the process of life is matched and harnessed within the microcosm of the practitioner. Once mastered, this brings an awakening of the inner mechanisms of Qi as well as a way to harness the nature of change for health and spiritual well-being.

Pre and Post-Heaven Practice

This form of walking-meditation is known as ‘pre-Heaven Bagua’ and is actually a form of Nei Gong rather than a martial arts method. It is a way of opening the channels of the body and understanding Qi, Xin (mind) and Shen (spirit) in order to develop a high-level of vitality and consciousness development.
Students learn to walk the circle whilst studying a full Nei Gong process; this is a complete method in its own right whether it is used as a spiritual practice or as a foundation for the next stage of training which is the post-Heaven Baguazhang training.

Post-Heaven Baguazhang is the martial art method that was developed from and evolved out of the earlier circle walking Nei Gong system. Relatively modern, Baguazhang was first introduced to the public by master Dong Hai Chun who synthesised his own Gong Fu expertise with the circle walking he encountered in the region of China where he lived. The circular movements and spiralling forms of Baguazhang were taken from the movements of energy he mastered through circle walking meditation; once these were incorporated into his own boxing method, Baguazhang (eight-symbol-palm) was created. These methods were then passed on to further masters and each added their own flavour to create the various styles of Baguazhang commonly practiced today. Within the Academy, it is the Cheng method which we primarily teach though there are influences and supporting drills from other Baguazhang methods included as well.

Florian Nischwitz - Academy Member

“The Internal Arts Academy is actually too good to be true. Real authentic teachings explained in simple terms and the practical methods laid out and explained in detail. This is the most comprehensive internal arts program out there!!”


  • Weekly tuition and supportive materials
  • In depth principles and teachings on Nei GongMeditation, Baguazhang and Taijiquan
  • Weekly training classes
  • Exploration of Classical methodologies, terminologies, and Classic texts
  • Yang Sheng Fa (life nourishing principles), including Sleep preparation, Food therapy, and daily habits to support your practice.
  • Introduction to Chinese medicine concepts
  • Access to exclusive online community areas
  • Access to ‘The Library’, containing regularly updated lecture videos, Damo’s course lectures, and selective articles and writings.