Terms of Use


1. Acknowledgment and Acceptance of Terms of Use. 

Welcome to Damomitchell.com (from here on out referred to as the “Site”). The Site, which is operated by Lotus Nei Gong Ltd (Company Number: 08341642 – from here on out referred to as the “Company”), the online programs (from here on out referred to as the “Programs”) and the services (from here on out referred to as the “Services”) offered on this Site are provided to you only on the terms and conditions described in these Terms of Use. If you engage in the use of this site, access any of the programs or utilise any of the online services, you are agreeing to being bound by all of the terms and conditions outlined on this page. You are giving your consent in the same manner as if you had signed a written agreement. You must read all of these terms closely and review them in detail when joining the site and using its services.

If you do not find that you agree to any of the terms outlined here then we do not agree to you using the site or any of the programs included within the site. Lotus Nei Gong and Damomitchell.com reserve the right to adjust these terms and conditions at any point in time without giving notice to the site and program users. Adjusted terms and conditions will be maintained on this site at this location and so it is the responsibility of the site users to review these conditions regularly to make sure that they are up to date with any changes which have been made.

The term “you” or “user” refers to all individuals and entities accessing this Site for any reason; a “Member” is someone who has registered with the Site in order to receive Services.


2. Lawful Purpose and Use

You may only use the site, its services and programs for lawful purpose’s.

You may only use the site, the program and its services for your personal use. It may not be used for commercial purposes and no part of the site may be shared with others; it is for your personal, lawful use only.


3. Ownership of Site Material

All materials within this site, all images, layouts, icons, photographs, video clips, and written and other materials that are part of the site and its programs are protected by copyright law and all copyrights are held by Lotus Nei Gong and it’s owners as well as the Damomitchell.com site.

Upon using this site, you are agreeing that you will not copy, alter or remove any copyright protected material without prior written permission from the owners of Lotus Nei Gong.


4. Password Usage

It is your personal responsibility to protect and keep secret your personal password that is used to access this site. Your password is private material and now to be used by one than one user.


5. Modification of the Terms and Conditions

The Internal Arts Academy, Lotus Nei Gong and Damomitchell.com reserve the right to adjust the terms and conditions at any time. They also reserve the right to chance the rules of membership and the program itself. You agree that they shall not be liable to you or any third party for any modification, suspension or discontinuance of any of the services, any documentation, information or other content on the site.

At any time, The Internal Arts Academy, Lotus Nei Gong and Damomitchell.com may, from time to time, without providing any notice to its users, change, modify or delete the programs and their content. They may also change the cost and the fee structure without providing any prior notice. These changes are valid from the moment that they are posted upon the Damomitchell.com site. Any member of this site is agreeing to these terms as soon as they sign up.


6. Termination

The Internal Arts Academy, Lotus Nei Gong and Damomitchell.com reserve the right to terminate or suspend your membership, your access to the site or the use of any of the services without any notice or prior warning.


7. Personal Membership

Your personal membership to the site is not transferable to any other parties. Passwords and rights to the material and programs contained within the site are not transferable to another party. You may not disclose your password or membership information to any other person.


8. Site Disclaimer and Limitation of Liability

Information on this site is subject to immediate change without the site owners providing any prior notice. The Internal Arts Academy, Lotus Nei Gong and Damomitchell.com do not warrant the accuracy of information contained within the videos that are a part of this site or within any of the written materials. No part of this site, nor any of the materials on this site are to be recognised as medical advice or as an alternative to any existing medication or any mainstream medical advice. All users of this site and its programs should seek the advice of a qualified medical practitioner prior to engaging with any of the work on this site.

The Internal Arts Academy, Lotus Nei Gong and Damomitchell.com do not represent the use of the contents in terms of their correctness, accuracy, reliability or otherwise. The Internal Arts Academy, Lotus Nei Gong and Damomitchell.com shall not be responsible or liable for any indirect, incidental, contingent, consequential or special damages for harm to business or loss of profits. The Internal Arts Academy, Lotus Nei Gong and Damomitchell.com shall not be responsible or liable for any damage to or access to transmission facilities by third parties. They shall not be held accountable for alteration, theft, loss or destruction of your network, applications, data, files, programs, procedures, or personal information through accident, fraud or any other method.

The Internal Arts Academy, Lotus Nei Gong and Damomitchell.com shall not be responsible or liable for any damage that you may suffer arising from either your personal use or your inability to use the services, programs or facilities offered within this site.


9. User Information

When joining and registering for this site, you will be requested to provide us with certain pieces of information including your name and email address. You guarantee that all information provided by you is true and accurate.

Our Privacy Policy, as it may change from time to time, is a part of the Terms of Use.


10. Payment

You authorize us to charge you for use of the site, the programs and the sites services, at the posted prices, (such prices subject to change at any time without any specific notice to you, beyond posting notification on the website), from joining the site until you cancel your membership. We do not store customer credit card details.

11. Delivery

Access to the online courses and members’ area will given immediately after payment has been received.


12. Cancellation

You have the right to cancel site membership at any time, by adjusting the billing settings within your account with the site or by removing your card details from the account profile. You may also cancel the repeating payments from your Paypal account. This agreement survives cancellation of your membership.


13. Refunds

Refunds are not given for any unused portion of the recent or last years membership. If you dispute this then please contact us and we shall consider each request on an individual basis. In circumstances that refunds are to be given, these shall be carried out within 28 days.

14. Contact Information


15. Complete Agreement

This Agreement and any rules, policies, or guidelines posted on the site, constitute the entire agreement between the site, Lotus Nei Gong, The Internal Arts Academy, Damomitchell.com and you, with respect to the subject matte discussed here. In the event of any conflict between this agreement and any information posted on the site, this agreement shall govern.


16. Severability

If any aspect or element of this agreement is deemed to be illegal or unworkable, such illegibility shall not affect the validity or worth of any other legal provision contained within this agreement.


17. Arbitration in Court

Any dispute or controversy in contract, pre-existing, present or future, arising out of dispute with this agreement will be referred to and determined in arbitration to the exclusion of the courts. You are waiving any right to participate or initiate any class action proceeding against us. Should you believe this to be wrong, and you have a claim or dispute, then you must let us know in writing and we shall respond to this claim prior to any proceedings taking place.