Cookie Policy

A browser cookie is a small file containing information that may be downloaded automatically to your computer or other device when you access a website such as this one.

Cookies carry out a variety of functions such as helping you navigate between pages that you have previously been to on a website, remembering past interactions with a site or to help tailor advertising on certain sites (not this one) to suit your needs.

Different sites use different types of cookies. Lotus Nei Gong International’s website uses only first-party cookies which means that we use them only to help you use the site and navigate around it more efficiently. You may, of course, disable the cookies and this will affect the following functions of the cookies used by this site:
1) The first type of cookie: ‘session cookies’, are downloaded into your browser during a visit to this site. These store a session ID that is not identifiable to users on a personal basis. They help you to move through the various pages on a website easily and are used by many websites you may visit online. These cookies do not gather any information from visitors to the site and they expire at the end of a users browser session.

2) The second type of cookie: ‘persistent cookies’ are different in that they are stored on a users computer even after your internet session is completed. These are used to retain user preferences for a website. This will help with future visits to the site. Persistent cookies assign an ID number to a users browser and they are set up to help identify a user for a prolonged period of time; often years.

This site uses browser cookies to retain non-personally-identifiable information. This will help us see how people access our site and which pages they visit. They may also help us to see how people respond to any marketing messages we send out. This will help us to tailor our services in order to make them more relevant to the people interacting with us online. We do not keep any personally identifiable information.

It is possible to reject cookies, sometimes all of them and sometimes just third-party cookies. If you block all cookies you should be aware that this will have an impact upon how some websites (including this one) function on your devices.

We hope this is clear! If not, and you have further questions on cookies, then please feel free to contact us via the contact form on this site for more information.