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  • Dedicated Library of Internal Arts Tuition
  • Health, Well-Being, and Internal Growth
Learn, Practice, Internalise

道可道非常道, 名可名非常名

Nei Gong Structured Training

A complete and authentic pathway through the internal arts of Qi Gong, Nei Gong and alchemical Meditation. Enjoy weekly classes and a vast library of instructional videos.

Yang Taijiquan Training

Study weekly with Damo as he initially leads you through the Huang line of Yang Taijiquan before moving into the deeper systems of Taiji coming from the Yang family.

Baguazhang Structured Training

Join weekly classes in esoteric Baguazhang training. Here is a method that seamlessly merges Nei Gong, Gong Fu and the ancient teachings of the Yi Jing (I Ching).

Question – Do I need to pay for each of these three programs individually if I wish to study them all?

Answer – We get this question a lot and the answer is no, each of these programs, and several others, are available to all members of the Internal Arts Academy whether they pay for annual or monthly membership. Some students choose to study only one subject whilst others study multiple arts but all students have this option.

☰ ☲ ☵ ☷ Welcome to the

Internal Arts


Welcome to the Internal Arts Academy, the source for authentic online instruction in Daoist and Buddhist internal energy work. Established by world renowned authority on the internal arts, Damo Mitchell, these programs were set up to help pass on and preserve many of the traditional cultivation methods to come out of China and the far-East.

~ The True Path ~

You owe it to yourself to ensure that you have access to accurate and authentic instruction on the classical internal arts. The path to health, well-being and awakening could be the most important thing you ever do.

Archived Footage

Footage from Damo’s past courses are uploaded to this site as well as any future lectures delivered internationally.

Books & Publications

Buddhist & Daoist Internal Methods

Damo has explored the Daoist and Buddhist lineages for his whole life as well as Hindu and Western lines. Let him guide you through the core of their internal methods.

~ Authentic Training ~

Cindy Engel - Author and Neigong Teacher

“Damo is a unique embodied intellect, generously sharing his experiential understanding of the Daoist arts.”

Qigong & Meditation

Develop the Form

The body is the vehicle for both practice and life. It is the vessel to be cultivated through our training.

Build the Energy

The Qi is the medium that sits between mind and body. The point of change between Heaven and Earth.

Cultivate Harmony

Harmony of body and mind leads to harmony of life and soul. When all is in balance, awakening arises.

Elevate Spirit

Through meditative training, Spirit may arise and lead the awareness towards its own light.

The Power of Understanding

Damo has written a number of detailed books on the subjects of Nei Gong, Meditation and the Internal Arts. They serve as detailed study-guides for those on the Daoist path and much of the theory from the Internal Arts Academy  will support these texts.



  • 3/4 videos per week minimum
  • Step-by-Step ongoing courses in Nei Gong, Taiji Quan, Baguazhang & Internal Force
  • In-depth Principles of Nei Gong, Alchemy, Meditation, and Martial Arts.
  • Regularly updated Library, giving immediate access to hundreds of lectures
  • Exploration of Classical Methodologies and Terminology
  • Introduction to Chinese Medicine concepts
  • Exclusive Online Community Access
  • Classical Yang Sheng (life nourishing) Principles

Study Courses


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