Nei Gong Program


Join Damo Mitchell as he leads you systematically though the internal processes of Nei Gong and Qi Gong. Study authentic internal work in this ongoing program.

Nei Gong Program

  • Weekly tuition and supportive materials
  • Fundamentals of Nei Gong, and Meditation
  • Qi Gong and Dao Yin Exercise Sets
  • Key classical principles, such as Song () and Ting ()
  • Preparation of the Mind and Body for Meditation
  • Exploration of Classical methodologies, terminologies and Classical texts
  • Clear path of progression through the internal path of Nei Gong
  • Hours of supportive theoretical lectures by Damo
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Below is a list of topics and concepts covered in the program:


Body Preparation:

How to open the body in preparation for Nei Gong

Learning to sit (floor and chair) for practice

Correct principles of Qi Gong standing

Learning the principles of Song () and Ting ()

Learning to stabilise and regulate the breath

Abdominal Breathing and Reverse Abdominal Breathing in detail

Stabilising the Mind and building the Awareness

Opening the Channels

Developing the Dan Tian and Dan Tian Qi

‘Building’ and ‘Thickening’ the Qi

The various ‘orbits’ of alchemical training


Qi Gong Exercise Sets:

Ji Ben Qi Gong

Wu Xing Qi Gong

Dan Tian Gong

Hun Yuan Qi Gong

Shen Gong


Dao Yin Sets:

Seated Dao Yin

Wu Dao Yin

Wu Qin Xi (Five Animal Frolics)


Yang Sheng Gong (Life Nourishing Skills):

Principles to supplement your practice

Sleep preparation and practice

Food Therapy

Stabilisation of the Emotional Mind


Various Theory Lectures throughout


Damo’s Journey

The Nei Gong program is the result of Damo’s three decade study of the internal arts. A journey that has taken place across multiple continents and numerous spiritual traditions – ॐ मणि पद्मे हूँ

~ Shape the Understanding ~

For efficient development within the internal arts, a practitioner must have both practical training and intellectual understanding. The theory underpins the practice and shapes the understanding to help guide the student along the path. This is why our program includes such extensive theoretical training in the form of lectures, handouts and supporting pieces alongside the weekly practice videos.

Qigong & Meditation

Develop the Form

The body is the vehicle for both practice and life. It is the vessel to be cultivated through our training.

Build the Energy

The Qi is the medium that sits between mind and body. The point of change between Heaven and Earth.

Cultivate Harmony

Harmony of body and mind leads to harmony of life and soul. When all is in balance, awakening arises.

Elevate Spirit

Through meditative training, Spirit may arise and lead the awareness towards its own light.

Luann Barndt - Neigong Teacher

“Damo Mitchell’s passion for the Daoist Arts is contagious. Though decades of personal dedicated practice, with humour and humility, Damo skilfully leads his students to cultivate our own effective practice. Damo’s teaching style combines an underlying care and compassion armoured with challenging motivation, inspiring students to develop beyond our aspirations.”


  • Weekly tuition and supportive materials
  • In depth principles and teachings on Nei Gong and Meditation
  • Qi Gong and Dao Yin exercises
  • Exploration of Classical methodologies, terminologies, and Classic texts
  • Yang Sheng Fa (life nourishing principles), including Sleep preparation, Food therapy, and daily habits to support your practice.
  • Introduction to Chinese medicine concepts
  • Access to exclusive online community areas
  • Access to ‘The Library’, containing regularly updated lecture videos, Damo’s course lectures, and selective articles and writings.