The Internal Arts Academy


Welcome to the Online Academy of Lotus Nei Gong and Damo Mitchell, offering online tuition in Nei Gong, Martial Arts, and Classical Teachings

Online Tuition

The video to the left gives you an update on where we are with the academy. This has been a project that started as a simple idea in 2019 and has now grown into a rare major undertaking!

We will continue to expand this resource until it is the most comprehensive treasure-trove of information on the internal arts of Asia. Join ‘The Internal Arts Community’ and be a part of this ongoing project!

Nei Gong Online

The Academy includes our ongoing classes which open weekly as well as an expansive library of hundreds of hours of material. This library will be added to regularly by Damo and the Academy Team to include further courses and lectures as well as access to theory from Damo’s events taught worldwide. 

~ Never Miss A Course ~

Damo has been teaching international events for many years. These events often include theoretical lectures on various aspects of the internal arts. Students around the world have benefitted from the clarity of these insightful talks and now they will be available to the public for the first time. Sign up to the academy in order to receive these talks to your laptop or other devices. Each year, many hours of lectures are delivered and now you may access them all…

The Library

The library includes full courses on the foundations of Qi Gong training, the Dragon Dao Yin, Women’s Nei Gong practice, Heavenly Streams training, Gong Fu exercise, avoiding Qi Deviations and planned events on Feng Shui and Yang Sheng Fa. These courses will also be added to as time goes on.

As well as these full courses, there are also numerous videos on subjects ranging from breath work and meditation through to Qi Gong, energetic anatomy and Chinese Medicine. This is all extra alongside the main structured ongoing classes that open weekly.

~ Gallery ~

Below are some screenshots of the weekly tuition videos and lecture footage included on the course…

~ The Internal Arts ~

Jana Reidenbach - Neigong Teacher

“Twenty minutes into my first class with Damo Mitchell, I knew that I had – at last! – found what I had been looking for for over two decades. Not only is Damo a highly accomplished practitioner of the Daoist arts and committed to disseminating them in an authentic, systematic, clear and undiluted manner, but he is also a generous, sincere, down-to-earth and witty human being. He is inspiring, kind, straightforward and simply the best teacher of anything I have ever come across.”



  • Weekly Videos and Supportive Material
  • In-depth Principles of Nei Gong and Meditation
  • Key Qi Gong and Dao Yin Exercise Sets
  • Exploration of Classical Methodologies and Terminology
  • Introduction to Chinese Medicine concepts
  • Exclusive Online Community Access
  • Classical Yang Sheng (life nourishing) Principles