Join the Internal Arts Academy for immediate access to 100’s of hours of footage, weekly video releases covering a detailed process along the path of Nei Gong, Meditation, Baguazhang and Taijiquan. To subscribe to The Internal Arts Academy, please scroll down to the bottom of this page…

The Programs

  • Immediate access to four main programs – Nei Gong, Taijiquan, Baguazhang and Nei Jin
  • A minimum of three weekly videos and supportive materials
  • Fundamentals of Nei Gong, Alchemy, Meditation, Bagua and Taiji
  • Key classical principles, such as Song () and Ting () explored in detail
  • Preparation of the Mind and Body for the Internal Arts
  • Exploration of Classical methodologies, terminologies and Classical texts
  • Clear path of progression through the internal paths of Nei Gong and Martial Arts
  • 100’s of Hours of supportive theoretical lectures by Damo

The Academy


  • Step by step tuition and weekly videos
  • In depth principles and teachings on all facets of the Internal Arts
  • Exploration of Classical methodologies, terminologies, and Classic texts
  • Yang Sheng Gong (Life Nourishing Skills), including Sleep preparation, Food therapy, and daily habits to support your practice.
  • Introduction to Chinese medicine concepts.
  • Access to exclusive online community areas
  • Access to ‘The Library’, containing 100’s of hours of regularly updated lecture videos and selective articles and writings.

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At the Internal Arts Academy, we have two types of memberships, depending if you would prefer to pay anually or monthly…

Annual Membership

Our annual membership includes:

Access to our Nei Gong program

Access to our Taijiquan program

Access to our Baguazhang Program

Access to our Nei Jin Program

 FULL exclusive access to our library

(Library includes hundreds of videos from Damo’s past events as well as footage filmed specifically for the academy. The library will be continually updated with events and lectures.)

$440 / year

Monthly Membership

Our monthly membership includes:

Access to our Nei Gong program

Access to our Taijiquan program

Access to our Baguazhang program

Access to our Nei Jin program

PART access to our library

(This specifically includes additional lectures on the Foundations of Qi Gong, the Dragon Dao Yin, the Heavenly StreamsFoundations of Gong Fu and more).

$40 / month