Women’s Nei Gong Program


Join Roni Edlund as she leads you systematically through the internal processes of Nei Gong and Qi Gong with an emphasis on Female-Specific Nei Gong.

This program is currently comprised of Phase 1 which is a seven-month long program which releases in weekly lessons. It is an adjunct to the main program in Nei Gong taught by Damo Mitchell and it is advised that women engage with both programs so as to gain the fullest knowledge of Nei Gong possible.

Women’s Nei Gong

  • Weekly tuition and supportive materials
  • Phase 1 is a seven-month long program
  • Qi Gong and Dao Yin Exercise Sets
  • Women-Specific Nei Gong
  • Preparation of the Mind and Body for Meditation
  • Clear path of progression through the internal path of Nei Gong
  • Program runs parallel to main Nei Gong program
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Below is a list of topics and concepts covered in the program:


Female Principles:

 Strengthening the blood

Connecting with the moon

Regulating the uterus & menstruation

Nourishing the breasts

Harmonising Menopause

Nourishing the Heart-field


Qi Gong Exercises:

Moon Practice

Uterus Qi Gong

Breast Massage

Heart-field Practice

Wu Xing Qi Gong

Dan Tian Gong

Dao Yin


Yang Sheng Gong (Life Nourishing Skills):

Principles to supplement your practice

Food Therapy

Common female imbalances

Stabilisation of the Emotional Mind


Body Preparation:

How to open the body in preparation for Nei Gong

Women’s physical structure in practice

Learning to sit (floor and chair) for practice

Correct principles of Qi Gong standing

Learning to stabilise and regulate the breath

Abdominal breathing & the pelvic floor

Stabilising the Mind and building the Awareness

Opening the Channels

Developing the Dan Tian and Dan Tian Qi

Various Theory Lectures throughout


Women’s Practice

Women have their one unique energetic systems which are different to the systems of men. Unique channel flows as well as different forms of Qi and Blood means that women should work slightly differently to men when they approach these arts. Learn more in this women-specific program. 

~ The Path of Nu Dan~

This seven-month long program serves as an adjunct to the main Nei Gong program that forms the core of the academy . Women will study the nature of female practice in detail under the expert guidance of Roni Edlund with support by Damo Mitchell