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Brief Summary of Damo’s Current Studies

  • Yang Taijiquan (Yang Family, Zhen Manqing, Huang Xingxian and Tian Zhaolin variants have been an influence)
  • Hunyuan Taijiquan
  • Hebei Xingyiquan
  • Cheng Baguazhang
  • Nei Gong and Qi Gong
  • Daoist Meditation Systems (Alchemy)
  • Qi Gong Therapy
  • Tui Na and An Mo Massage
  • Acupuncture

Brief Outline of Damo’s Past Studies (No longer a part of his practice)

  • Chen Village Taijiquan
  • Gao Baguazhang
  • Liang Baguazhang
  • Chang Quan
  • Shotokan Karate-Do
  • Kendo and Iaido
  • Japanese Weaponry
  • Aikido
  • Wing Chun
  • San Da
  • Tang Lang Quan
  • Shuai Jiao
  • Wudang Mountain Gong Fu (Mostly San Feng Pai)
  • Various Forms of Indian Yoga
  • Buddhist Meditation Systems
  • Western Hermeticism
  • Wuyizhang

Damo’s Professional Qualifications

  • Degree in Social Work from the UK
  • Degree in Chinese Medicine from the UK

Damo’s Professional Titles

  • Technical Director of the Lotus Nei Gong School of Daoist Arts
  • Head Teacher at the Xian Tian College of Daoist Medicine


Damo has taught since 2004. He is a professional martial arts teacher, who spends his time travelling, teaching and writing. He currently lives in the South of Portugal with his wife Roni Edlund.

He has written several books on the internal arts including:

  • A Comprehensive Guide to Nei Gong (2018) Singing Dragon
  • Daoist Reflections from Scholar Sage (2016) Singing Dragon
  • Yellow Monkey Emperor’s Classic of Medicine – (2016) Singing Dragon
  • Daoist Nei Gong for Women – The Art of the Lotus and the Moon (2016) Singing Dragon
  • White Moon on the Mountain Peak – The Alchemical Firing Process of Nei Dan (2015) Singing Dragon
  • The Four Dragons – Clearing the Meridians and Awakening the Spine in Nei Gong (2014) Singing Dragon
  • Heavenly Streams – Meridian Theory in Nei Gong (2013) Published by Singing Dragon
  • Daoist Nei Gong – Philosophical Art of Change (2011) Published by Singing Dragon

He has also written several articles for internal-art magazines and has been featured on the cover of the Tai Chi Chuan and Oriental Arts Magazine.

As an authentic practitioner of the Daoist Arts, Damo is always on the lookout for serious students to pass his teachings on to. At the time of writing, Damo has been training intensively in the martial arts of Asia for over thirty years. His aim is to teach the full spectrum of Daoist arts as they were passed on to him.

Damo has taught classes and courses in:

  • UK (England & Wales)
  • Sweden
  • America
  • Canada
  • Czech Republic
  • China
  • Turkey
  • Thailand
  • Portugal

In 2012, Damo established the Lotus Nei Gong Retreat Centre in Sweden, which enabled three-month-long intensive retreats to be carried out, with over twenty students living together in the forests of Sweden and studying the Daoist arts. Students trained in a classical manner from dawn until nightfall in very basic conditions and no outside distractions. It is from within this setting that the majority of our schools martial arts teachers were trained. This project was discontinued in 2016 though prolonged retreats are still held in this location each year.

Damo has also given a number of radio interviews and gave the joint keynote address at Philadelphia’s 2013 National Qigong Association conference, alongside Radiant Lotus teacher Daisy Lee.

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