Accounts and Subscriptions

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I have purchased a monthly subscription, but I cannot see most of The Library videos 🙁

The unlimited access to the hundreds of videos in The Library is available to the Annual subscribers. As a Monthly subscriber, you have access to a select number of videos, and to all Ongoing Programmes.

How do I upgrade my subscription from Monthly to Annual?

You can do the upgrade/downgrade yourself, by logging into the Members area, hover over ‘members’ at the top menu bar, then click on Order History. There you have options to manage your current subscriptions. The simplest way is to cancel your current subscription, wait until your current paid period runs out (you will receive an email notification) and then purchase the new subscription. You must first Wait for it to be cancelled (it’ll change status, and you’ll get an email notification). Now, whilst being logged in, purchase a new subscription. 

Once I upgrade my account from Monthly subscription to Annual, will my Ongoing Program progress be lost?

Your course progress will not be lost as long as you are logged in when you upgrade/rejoin – the course progress is associated with your login.

How do I cancel/pause my subscription?

You can cancel your subscription by hovering over ‘Members’ at the top menu bar, and clicking Order History. Then, find your annual or monthly order and manage it there.

Pausing is essentially cancelling, once you are ready to rejoin, make sure to log in first, then purchase a new subscription.

Will my subscription auto-renew, or do I need to manually renew it?

Your subscription will auto-renew, unless you cancel it (by going to ‘My Orders’), or the payment fails to go through.

I need to cancel my membership. Will I still be able to access the content? Will my progress be saved?

What you pay for is the access to the members area, Discord community and access to all the courses, therefore once you cancel your subscription you will not have access anymore.

However, once you re-subscribe again, all the lessons you have unlocked will be available. Just make sure to log in to your account prior to purchasing new subscription. (You can still log in after cancelling, but can’t access the student dashboard or any courses)

How can I change my payment details?

To change your payment details, hover over ‘Members’ at the top menu bar, Click Order History, find your monthly/annual order, and click Update Payment Method.

General questions

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All about connecting to Discord

Recently we have decided to move away from Facebook to Discord. All paid members have access to the Discord community.

First, you’ll need to create your own Discord account – you can do that either at https://www.discord.com or by installing the app on your computer or phone.

Then, on your IAA Student Dashboard, on the right you will see a button to connect to Discord. Click it and follow the instructions.

Your Discord membership is tied to your IAA paid membership. If you cancel your subscription, you’ll lose access to the Discord community.

After you join the server, or renew your membership, it could happen that in Discord you will not see all the channels reappear. To reset the connection, try these steps:

1. In Discord, click on the “burger” (3 horisontal bars) icon to see the list of your servers.  Click on the IAA logo. You should see many channels. If you only see #incoming channel…
2. On your IAA Student Dashboard, click the Disconnect button
3. Click the Connect button again. Wait for a couple of hours for the automated process to update your Discord membership.

If the above doesn’t work, try playing about with different combinations of disconnecting from the Discord, manually leaving the server, reinstalling your Discord app etc.

Above are the only steps to try to fix the problem, admins won’t be able to help you in any other way!

Are Zoom Events recorded?

Yes, all zoom events are recorded, and the vast majority of events are later listed at the Paid Events page, where you can find details and purchase them.

Are there free Zoom classes for the members of The Academy? Where can I view the recordings?

Ocasionally Damo Mitchell will run Zoom sessions for the Academy members, both to help the novice practitioners with the foundations of their practice, and to help with refining of the further skills. The sessions take place every now and again, and run for approximately 2 hours; they are announced in the Facebook group.

In most cases the recordings will be added to The Library, however in some cases the recording may not be suitable for everyone, therefore will not be shared.

Visit ‘Zoom Informal Sessions’ in the Library for recordings of past sessions.

Does Damo Mitchell run online workshops? How do I access the recordings?

Occasionally Damo Mitchell will run workshops – these are available to academy members or those who have trained with us before, and must be registered and paid for individually. The attendance numbers for these workshops are normally limited to 300 places, and the admission will be checked based on the names. Please make sure your Zoom display name is the same as the name used for workshop registration, otherwise you may not be admitted. The recordings of these workshops will be later accessible via the ‘my purchased workshops’ section on the student dashboard.

The retroactive purchasing of past-events is done via email. 
Past events are listed in this page: Paid Events . All events are rated accordaning to their level of complexity and progress required within the ongoing Nei Gong program (See star rating).
Please email lngbookings@gmail.com to enquire about purchasing events.
Where can I find details about upcoming courses?

Please visit the following links for more information on upcoming online and live events:

*Online Events

*Live Events

Are there any Lotus Nei Gong affiliate instructors in my area?

Please visit the following link for a list of LNG affiliate instructors: https://lotusneigong.com/branches-2/

Does the membership include all 3 programs - Nei Gong, Taijiquan and Baguazhang?

Yes, both the monthly and annual subscriptions include all 3 programs, plus (full or partial) access to the Library content. Members are automatically enrolled on the Nei Gong program, but need to volantarily enroll on the other programs. To do this, click on ‘enroll to more courses’.

What is meant by "Lifetime Access" to the Taijiquan and Baguazhang programs?
“Lifetime access” basically means, that as long as you have an active Internal arts academy account, you’ll have access to those programs, free of charge.

If we have not managed to answer your question here, you can get in touch with us via Contact Us page. Best regards, The Internal Arts Academy!