Accounts and Subscriptions

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I have purchased a monthly subscription, but I cannot see most of The Library videos 🙁

The unlimited access to the hundreds of videos in The Library is available to the Annual subscribers. As a Monthly subscriber, you have access to a select number of videos, and to all Ongoing Programmes.

How do I upgrade my subscription from Monthly to Annual?

You can do the upgrade/downgrade yourself, by logging into the Members area and going to My Orders. There you have options to manage your current subscriptions. The simplest way is to cancel your current subscription, wait until your current paid period runs out (you will receive an email notification) and then purchase the new subscription. 

Once I upgrade my account from Monthly subscription to Annual, will my Ongoing Programme progress be lost?

Your course progress will not be lost as long as you are logged in when you upgrade – the course progress is associated with your login.

How do I cancel my subscription?

You can cancel your subscription by logging into the Members area and going to My Orders. There you have options to manage your current subscriptions.

General questions

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How do I join the Facebook group?

The Internal Arts Academy Facebook group is where the students get an opportunity to ask questions to Damo Mitchell and his senior students. A code is required for joining – this can be found on the Members’ Dashboard page, accessible on both Monthly and Annual memberships. Your name will be checked against current memberships – if your Facebook name is different from your account name, please mention it when requesting to join the group. 

Please note that the access to the group will be revoked upon the membership cancellation.

Are there free Zoom classes for the members of The Academy? Where can I view the recordings?

Ocasionally Damo Mitchell will run Zoom sessions for the Academy members, both to help the novice practitioners with the foundations of their practice, and to help with refining of the further skills. The sessions  take place several times per month, and run for approximately 2 hours; they are announced in the Facebook group.

In most cases the recordings will be added to The Library, however in some cases the recording may not be suitable for everyone, therefore will not be shared.

Does Damo Mitchell run online workshops? How do I access the recordings?

Occasionally Damo Mitchell will run workshops – these are available to the public, and must be registered and paid for individually. The attendance numbers for these workshops are normally limited to 300 places, and the admission will be checked based on the names. Please make sure your Zoom display name is the same as the name used for workshop registration, otherwise you may not be admitted. The links to recordings for these workshops will be sent out individually after the workshop.

If we have not managed to answer your question here, you can get in touch with us via Contact Us page. Best regards, The Internal Arts Academy!