Future Developments


The Internal Arts Academy is an ongoing project. Our plan is to continue growing this beast until it is completely out of control! Below is an outline of our future plans…

Event Lectures

At the time of opening, we have around 200+ videos and 70+ hours of footage available to our members within the library as well as the focused ‘Nei Gong Program’, which includes step-by-step training as each video unlocks weekly.

This isn’t where we are stopping though; far from it. Each of Damo’s events include theoretical talks on various aspects of the internal arts and these talks will be supplied as a growing library of videos and sound files.

Taijiquan & Baguazhang

In May, we have the start of our ‘Yang Taijiquan Program’ which, like the ‘Nei Gong Program’, is a weekly online class that guides students systematically through forms, internal exercises and partner work according to traditional principles.

Later in the year, around October, our members will also be able to join the ‘Baguazhang Program’ that Damo has wanted to run for some time now. Here, there is an unfolding series of lessons covering circle walking, forms training and partner work.

These two programs will be supported with theoretical lectures on the principles of the martial arts as well as live classes with Damo and his students.

~ Other Courses ~

Over the next year or so, we will establish The Internal Arts Academy as one of the premier locations for internal instruction online, and hopefully use this to develop the teachings of Lotus Nei Gong International. And that is before we have even mentioned the plans with regards to Classical Chinese Medicine and other subjects such as Feng Shui and the classics such as the Dao De Jing and the Yi Jing!


  • Weekly tuition and supportive materials
  • In depth principles and teachings on Nei Gong and Meditation
  • Qi Gong and Dao Yin exercises
  • Exploration of Classical methodologies, terminologies, and Classic texts
  • Yang Sheng Fa (life nourishing principles), including Sleep preparation, Food therapy, and daily habits to support your practice.
  • Introduction to Chinese medicine concepts
  • Access to exclusive online community areas
  • Access to ‘The Library’, containing regularly updated lecture videos, Damo’s course lectures, and selective articles and writings.