Lotus Nei Gong International

This is the martial arts and Nei Gong school of Damo Mitchell that he established back in 2004. With hundreds of dedicated students cross the globe and branches throughout Europe and America, Lotus Nei Gong International is a growing organisation of enthusiastic practitioners who are studying various aspects of the Daoist internal arts with Damo and his senior students.

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Xian Tian College of Chinese Medicine

Damo is one of the joint heads of the Xian Tian College along with Rob Aspell. Xian Tian College offers professional UK Diploma qualifications in Acupuncture, Tui Na massage and Herbal Medicine along with shorter CDP events. These courses are held in the UK, both in the London area as well as in Manchester. Shorter CPD events are held in other locations round Europe and the US.

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If you are interested in martial arts, Chinese medicine, Nei Gong or meditation according to the Daoist tradition then please visit the relevant school by clicking on one of the two banners above right. We have branches around Europe and America where we run weekly classes and longer events. Lotus Nei Gong International is the product of Damo’s 30+ years of travel and study of the Asian arts and Xian Tian College of Chinese Medicine is a synthesis of the medicinal practices of Damo and his teaching partner, Rob Aspell.

“As a fully qualified and practicing acupuncturist, I have been often asked why undertake further training at the same level. The quality, depth, support and authenticity of the training is my response. Partway through the diploma I have already received teachings that are fundamentally changing how I practice, for the better. I truly cannot recommend enough.

If considering a career in Chinese Medical Arts XianTian College is the only choice I would even consider. XianTian is setting a new benchline in excellence.”

Ben Veal

Acupuncturist and Qi Gong Practitioner

Damo Mitchell’s passion for the Daoist Arts is contagious. Though decades of personal dedicated practice, with humor and humility, Damo skillfully leads his students to cultivate our own effective practice. Damo’s teaching style combines an underlying care and compassion armored with strong motivation, inspiring students to develop beyond our aspirations. His books provide the underlying theory and guidance to develop effective, dedicated daily practice. Though his teaching, writing, and personal example, Damo is the catalyst cultivating Lotus Nei Gong International, a community of skilled Daoist Arts practitioners who generously share their experience and wisdom creating a ripple effect of increasing consciousness throughout the world!

Luann Barndt

Qi Gong Teacher