Internal Arts Practitioner, Teacher & Author

Damo Mitchell

道可道非常道, 名可名非常名

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The Internal Path

“When we let go of what we are,

We become what we may be”

Damo Mitchell has made it his life-work to seek out authentic masters of the ancient wisdom traditions of Asia. He is an accomplished practitioner, renowned author and respected teacher of the spiritual systems that he has been immersed in for so long…

Chinese Medicine

Damo has studied the contemporary, traditional and ancient medical systems of China

Spiritual Teacher

Through a combination of Qi Gong, Nei Gong and Meditation, Damo passes on the spiritual teachings of the ancient Chinese

Author & Writer

Damo is a widely published author on the subjects of Daoism, spirituality and the internal arts


“Not only is Damo’s transmission authentic but his teachings are clear and practical.”

Adam Mizner – Heaven, Man, Earth Taiji

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